May 20, 2024

How to Create Twitter Account

If you are not on Twitter, you are obviously missing out. Twitter is one of the biggest, largest and most used social networking media chat platform alongside Facebook. Twitter is very easy to use. It allows you post update in 1-140 words. It also allows you to upload images and videos in your timeline. Our guideline on Twitter Sign Up | Twitter Account Registration | Sign Up Twitter will help you do just that. Are you ready?

You want to tweet? You want to follow your popular mentors, colleagues, friends and family? Or, you want to share your experiences online? Do you want to just get engaged and make more friends online? The Twitter Sign Up | Twitter Account Registration | Sign Up Twitter is meant for you. So, read on as we show you how to do that. We will also guide you on how to choose your unique brand username. All is packaged here just for you.

Steps on How to Create Twitter Account

To sign Up twitter, here are the easy and simple steps to follow.

1. Log onto

2. Fill the registration form including the name, email and password.

3. Afterwards, click on “Sign Up”.

4. In order to verify your phone number, twitter will send you an SMS text message with a code. Enter the verification code in the box provided.

5. Afterwards, a new page will open for you to select your twitter username. This name is what people will use to find and chat with you on twitter.

6. Double-check your name, phone number, password, and username.

7. Click Create my account. You may be asked to complete a Captcha to let us know that you’re human

8. Congratulations, you have now signed up on twitter.

Please Note: the phone number verification will be sent to you if you used phone number to register your account. If you used email, a verification link will be sent to your email. From there, you click the link and verify your account.

Tips for picking a username:

1. Your username is the name your followers use when sending @replies, mentions, and direct messages.

2. It will also form the URL of your Twitter profile page. Twitter will provide a few available suggestions when you sign up, but feel free to choose your own.

3. Please note: You can change your username in your account settings at any time, as long as the new username is not already in use.

4. Usernames must be fewer than 15 characters in length and cannot contain “admin” or “Twitter”, in order to avoid brand confusion.

So, what do you say about the Twitter Sign Up | Twitter Account Registration | Sign Up Twitter? Let’s hear from you below. If you also have any challenge on your twitter account, we are here to attend to them. Thank you.

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