May 20, 2024

Graduate Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in the U.K

If you are not already looking for a job or admission in the United Kingdom, you are probably curious as to what makes working or schooling in the UK so special. Well, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the UK is one of the best places to live and work in.

This conclusion was gotten by considering 25 factors including housing, income, jobs, etc. This report concluded that the environmental quality, social engagement, and personal security in the United Kingdom make it a great place to work and study.

Now, let us talk about what a graduate job is, and what you need to know to get one in the UK.

What is a Graduate Job?

A graduate job is a job that requires knowledge and skills developed in the process of obtaining a University Degree. In simpler terms, these are jobs that you can’t get without an Honors Degree.

Graduate jobs can be found in any employment sector. They are created to motivate graduates to build a career in a particular industry. The graduates in this instance would have a defined role and would be expected to contribute immediately.

Difference between a Graduate Job and Graduate Scheme

It’s very easy to mix them up. Graduate schemes are structured training programs used by employers to develop the next generation of talents for their establishment. Graduate schemes are also time-limited. Typically, the duration of a graduate scheme ranges between one year and three years.

The UK Government runs several graduate schemes in various aspects of its operation. This includes human resources, finance, etc. One of these UK government graduate schemes is the Civil Service Fast Stream.

The best graduate schemes, however, are very competitive. Sometimes, the selection process is very rigorous with lots of interviews and tests. In the case where one scales through all of that, the experience gained from these programs is usually invaluable. Individuals who complete these schemes are usually hired immediately and their salaries are usually better than most entry-level jobs.

Graduate jobs, however, lack the strict structures of Graduate schemes. This is because graduate jobs are jobs you cannot get without a degree. The graduates typically have to have graduated not more than five years ago. This helps them perform and adjust to their roles better.

Next, we are going to talk about what a Visa Sponsorship is.

What is a Job with Visa Sponsorship?

A Visa Sponsorship, in simple terms, is when a person or organization decides to take responsibility for your visa process in a particular country. This means they become your visa sponsors and will be submitting a petition to their government to let you come into their country.

This, however, also means they will be in charge of you while you are in the country. Your well-being and actions will be their responsibility. They will also have to take care of you financially as well, when necessary.

A job with visa sponsorship is when the organization willing to sponsor your visa process is the company hiring you. During your employment process, you can ask your employer if their job comes with visa sponsorship, for clarity’s sake.

In conclusion, a graduate job with visa sponsorship is any job that requires a graduate degree and is willing to offer visa sponsorship to foreign applicants. The average salary of graduate jobs in the UK is £27,113 per year. Not the best around but is still a decent start.

How to get Graduate Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in the UK

Here, is a step-by-step process you can follow to get a graduate job in the UK with visa sponsorship.

  1. Apply for Positions offering Visa Sponsorship in the UK: You would need to have a job offer by a company in the UK to be eligible for Visa Sponsorship. And to do that, you have to apply to jobs offering that. Once your application has been accepted, you are then eligible for Visa Sponsorship.
  2. Apply for a Tier 2 Visa: To make the process quicker, you immediately need to apply for a Tier 2 Visa in the UK. A Tier 2 Visa is the type of Visa given to immigrants who have a job offer in the UK.
  3. Get your Qualifications: There are certain requirements needed to get your certificate of sponsorship. These qualifications would be discussed later. In the meantime, it is important to know that the certificate of sponsorship proves that you already have a job and sponsorship by the given company.
  4. Basic Background Checks: Then you have to complete background checks in your country to prove you are not a security risk.

For the Tier 2 visa, the following are the pre-requisites you need for your application

  1. You must have received a job offer from a company in the UK
  2. Your employers must also ensure you meet all the requirements for hiring you as well as being eligible for the visa.

You would also need certain documents ready and available. These include;

  1. Certificate of Sponsorship that would be provided by your employers
  2. Proof of adequate payment plans from your employers
  3. Proof of English Proficiency
  4. A tuberculosis test results, if you are from one of the following countries.
  5. Proof of savings, enough to finance your travel and other expenses within the UK.

Popular Categories for Graduate Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Here are some fields with continuous demand for graduates and are willing to offer Visa Sponsorship;

  1. Sales and Management: The UK has always been a place for sales and management professionals. Currently, there is a very high demand for Sales and marketing managers within the UK. Smaller companies that cannot get the best in the country are willing to offer Visa Sponsorship to graduates with the qualifications they need.
  2. Engineering: This vast industry with various niches is on the rise again. A lot of developed countries are currently in need of Engineers, particularly Civil and Mechanical. In the United Kingdom, a lot of international infrastructure companies are hiring qualified graduates from various countries to keep a diverse work environment. These companies are also willing to offer visa sponsorships as well.
  3. Education: There are a lot of jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship for graduates and professionals in the Education and teaching sector. This ranges from lecturing, and admission officers to research assistants.

Websites to find Graduate Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship

  1. Fasthire: A fast-growing career and educational website seeking to aid professionals, graduates and students achieve their dreams. They help with job searches, as well as resume and CV building and LinkedIn profile optimization.
  2. Reed: A recruitment agency/website in the UK with quite a good reputation. It is a great place to start your search for Graduate Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship.
  3. UK Hired: This website compiles an up-to-date database of job vacancies with Visa Sponsorship across the United Kingdom.
  4. Indeed UK: Another website with a lot of positive reputation over the years. Finding your desired job type in the country of your choice is almost certain on this website.
  5. UK Visa Jobs: A website that focuses on jobs in the UK with Visa opportunities. An almost ideal website for job seekers outside the UK.
  6. Job Today: Job Today aims to use mobile technology to help millions of job seekers find jobs faster.
  7. Graduate Jobs: This website has hundreds of active graduate jobs and schemes on their website as they help integrate graduates into the UK labor market. They offer these opportunities in various industries and some of these jobs come with Visa Sponsorships.


The United Kingdom is a country brimming with opportunities for graduates. Graduates who wish to work in the UK can do that with the assistance of their employer through visa sponsorship.

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